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Conference interpretation is a practice of transformation of one pronounced language into another one while speaker talks continuously. It is especially appropriate for conferences, meetings with many participants or congresses where a lot of information is streamed, or meetings with two and more working languages. At least two interpreters are involved in this type of interpretation. They work in special dedicated room or an installed booth.

Our comp
any “Inter-Translation” offers services of simultaneous interpretation in the territory of EU, CIS and Ukraine.

Our specialists having at least 10 years of experience are working with 30 langu
ages of the world. We also cooperate with professional interpreters in their home countries: Germany, Austria, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia.

Our specialists are graduates of well-known universities
of Ukraine and Europe and are members of associations of interpreters of European countries.    

Advantages are the following:

Dynamic wa
y of interpretation without a time delay; interpreters are provided with ideal conditions with no need to interrupt the speaker.

There are some disadvantages also:

There is an additional cost of rental of equipment.

Simultaneous interpretation is the most complicated form of interpretation. A
ll interpreters must complete a special series of exams prior to an assignment or qualification. The technique of simultaneous interpretation implies the ability to render interpretation without a pause or any delay adjusting to the pattern of speech of a person being interpreted for. For simultaneous interpretation, the interpreters are using two pair of headsets with a microphone and a control board allowing them to adjust the volume of the speech they hear, choose a channel they interpret into, and switch between themselves as they are replacing each other during the work normally every 20 or 30 minutes.

Simultaneous Interpreting – the most frequently used type of interpreting today:

This kind of interpretation ensures the most accurate transfer of information and precision in rendering the spoken message. If more than two languages are involved, more teams of interpreters are needed (2 or 3 persons) each sitting in a separate booth. A pair of interpreters can here either a speaker directly, or switch to hear their colleagues in another booth translating into the “core” language and rendering “secondary” translation into the language they work with. Simultaneous interpretation makes it necessary for interpreters to concentrate deeply on the speech being pronounced. It is helpful for simultaneous interpretation if the interpreters are provided with materials of the conference well in advance to familiarize themselves with terminology and main topics to be discussed, as well as key words. Sometimes it is possible to provide interpreters with written speeches of presenters, however, an interpreter must not relay on a written text as the speaker can change or alter it at any time and therefore focusing on the speech always prevails. The booths for interpreters are normally installed in a conference room in such a way that interpreters can see both speakers and the screen where the presentation is demonstrated. Some conference facilities have separate specially designated rooms for interpreters equipped with a window into the conference venue from which interpreters can see the speakers and a screen. If direct observation is impossible, it is advisable to equip interpreter’s workplace with a monitor to which the video is transmitted live from the conference venue enabling interpreters to see the presentation and/or the speaker.

The advantage of simultaneous interpreting: practically no extra time is needed.

While holding any large-scale events like symposiums, conferences, seminars or presentations it is necessary to have simultaneous interpretation. Participation of a large number of people at events of this king presumes simultaneous interpretation into several languages instantaneously. This is necessary for a speaker to talk uninterrupted while keeping attention of the audience.

One of the most demanded services of simultaneous interpreters is interpretation into English language and back. Such services are required both for business activity and at various scientific conferences and government negotiations. Simultaneous interpretation to and from German language is mainly applied for business activity. Many German-Ukrainian joint ventures are using services of simultaneous interpreters.

Only most highly qualified specialists having extensive experience and knowledge are capable of simultaneous interpretation of presentations while not loosing its contents. This is very labour-intensive and special work requiring both high concentration of an interpreter and detailed processing of speech of a presenter, as well as good expertise in the field of relevant terminology, and ability to understand speech, immediately recognizes its emotional tone and convey message to the audience.

Simultaneous interpretation – is the most complex type of interpretation taking place practically instantaneously with a speech of a presenter. In the process of such interpretation, at least two simultaneous interpreters take part replacing each other every twenty minutes while not changing the pattern of speech of a presenter and contents of such speech. An interpreter of such a level should have both skills of simultaneous interpretation and understand pattern of a speech being interpreted. Also a simultaneous interpreter must have a unique ability of both proper building of interpreted phrases and listening to the presenter while taking into account an emotional tone to make such a speech is remembered by the audience by its expression.

A technique of simultaneous interpretation is that an interpreter is located in a special isolated booth and listeners here interpretation from headphones. Simultaneous interpreters can be hired for at least half a day (4 hours). In order to select suitable specialists whose knowledge will best fit for the topic of Your event and Your needs, it is necessary to file a request for simultaneous interpretation well in advance. In case of a need, it is possible to rent equipment from us intended for simultaneous interpretation. There is also a service of audio recording of presentations with further decrypting and translation into the necessary language in the form of text. This service is called a transcript decoding.
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